Auto Link University

Why Auto Link™ University?

Introductory Video

A CU’s financial products such as checking accounts, credit cards, mortgage loans, online banking are intuitively TOP OF MIND with members. However, when members want to buy a car, that experience starts with online searches on Google,, Dealer sites where members can get easily pulled away from the CU with EZ financing offers.

And the reality is that no dealer or internet markeing company has CU Members’ backs like their credit union. Only the credit union cares about a members financial well-being.

Having Auto Link on the CU website is 50% of the solution. The other 50% is continually educating and training staff and members of all the Auto Link/lending tools on the CU website, making your CU the intuitive GOTO place for autos… and that’s what Auto Link University is all about, continually training and educating the CU staff and providing marketing tools to reach members, keeping auto lending TOP OF MIND.

Auto Link™ is the only "credit union-centric" (not dealer-centric) solution enabling credit unions to effectively compete for auto loans in today’s highly competitive world of internet marketing, aggressive dealers, and AI.

Whether a credit union has 1,000 members or 1 million members or focuses on direct or indirect loans, the Auto Link™ patent pending technology and auto loan marketing solution guarantees significantly improved results in the auto space.

So the Auto Link™ University is geared toward educating and informing credit union staff (keeping the auto vertical TOP OF MIND) on everything from:

  • What’s going on in the auto space
  • New vehicles coming out
  • New technologies being deployed
    • By dealers, internet marketers that should be considered
    • By Auto Link™ that will allow credit union’s to compete and win in the auto space
  • Staff training on why it’s important for credit union staff to understand Auto Link™’s importance to the credit union and members
  • Staff training on marketing auto lending and using the Auto Link™ Partner Portal
  • Much, much more.

Webinar and online courses will be available soon and will typically last 10 – 20 minutes.

Just click on the ALU link in our Newsletter to view upcoming courses or click here to request a personal session.